Hexham & District Photographic Society

Syllabus 2015 / 2016

Sepember 2015

01    “At the Touch of a Button” Simon Allen MPAGB EFIAP (DPI)

08    “The A to Z of my Photography” Rob Halliburton (P)

15    “No Limits” Gerald Chamberlin AFIAP DPAGB (P)

22    “3 Prints on a Theme” (P) (Panels of 3 prints on a theme presented by Christine Giles LRPS)

29    “Out of a Print Box” Alan McCormick LRPS (P)

October 2015

06    AV Night” (DPI)

13    “Cordoba Assignment” - Carol Palmer ARPS (P) CD 1st A Comp

20    “Photo Assignments 1” Mavis McCormick. LRPS- Hexham Races & Bob Gates ARPS – Durham City (P)

27    “A Passion for Photography” Verity Johnson LRPS & Graham Dixon (DPI) CD 1st O Comp

November 2015

03    Results 1st A Competitions Judge – Anne Swearman ARPS APSA EFIAP APAGB DPAGB

10    “Every Picture Tells a Story” Joe Grabham EFIAP (DPI)

17    “Printers Pie – New Recipe” Peter Dixon ARPS APAGB DPAGB & John Race (P)

24    Results 1st O Competitions Judge – Phil Warren ARPS

South Tyne Area Projected Image Interclub Competition – 24th November 2015, Host - Ryton CC

December 2015

01    “Concepts & Themes” Leo Palmer FRPS FPSA GMPSA (P) CD 2nd A Comp

08    “Top Tens” CD 2nd O Comp

15    Christmas Buffet at Newton

22    No Meeting     

29    No Meeting

January 2016

05    “Prints for Evaluation” Alan, Bob, Danny & Phil (P)

12    Results 2nd A Competitions Judge – David Illingworth

19    Results 2nd O Competitions Judge – Bob Turner ARPS EFIAP

26    “A Year in the Life of Two Photographers” Mags H LRPS & Adelle Rowe (PDI)

February 2016

02    “Out of a Print Box” Carol Palmer ARPS (P)

09    “Images of the Islamic Republic of Modern Iran” Mark Corpe (DPI) CD 3rd O Comp

16    “The Alchemist’s Apprentice” John Cogan ARPS (DPI)

23    “Story telling Pictures” Mavis-Alan-Carol-Adrian-Olive (DPI) CD 3rd A Comp

South Tyne Area Print Interclub Competition – February 2015, Host - Whickham PC

March 2016

01    Results 3rd Open Competitions Judge – Verity Johnson LRPS

08    “AEW” Ann Miles FRPS (P) CD POY

15    Results 3rd A Competitions Judge – David Hall ARPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE3*

22    “The Four Seasons” Mavis-Brian-Gerry-Verity (DPI)

29    “Photo Assignments 2” Keith Robertson ARPS (TBA) Margaret Hogarth LRPS – Northern Pride 

April 2016

05    Results of POY Competitions Judge – Malcolm Kus ARPS EFIAP DPAGB

12    “A World of Colour” Christine G ARPS-Christine S-Marj-Mags H.LLL/RPS (P)

19    AGM & Presentation Evening