Hexham & District Photographic Society

Syllabus 2014 / 2015

Sepember 2014

 02      “Digital Prints” Jack Bamford DPAGB AFIAP APAGB

09       “Before & After” Steven Byard EFIAP EPSA DPAGB

16       “Composition & Working with Light” Richard Speirs APAGB DPAGB        

23       “3 Prints on a Theme” (P) (Panels of 3 prints on a theme presented by Mavis McCormick LRPS)

30        “Out of a Print Box” Derek Parker LRPS (P)

October 2014

07      “AV Night”

14       “This Years Thing” Gerry Adcock ARPS (DPI)                                                                 
Closing Date 1st A Comp 

21       “Close Ups in Nature” Brian & Sophia Fuller

28       “AEW” Tom Dodd FRPS (Joint RPS Talk)                              
Closing Date 1st O Comp

November 2014

04       Results 1st A Competitions Judge – David Stout DPAGB EFIAP

11       “Camera Eclectica” Jed Wee ARPS      (PDI)

18       “The Four Seasons” Chris McIlreavy – Mags H – Carol – Olive

25       Results 1st O Competitions Judge – Marjorie Baillie LRPS

South Tyne Area Projected Image Interclub Competition – 25th November 2014, Host - South Shields PS. Judge - TBA

December 2014

Closing Date 2nd A Comp

09       “Photo Assignments - Tynemouth & Northern Pride”    (P)
Closing Date 2nd O Comp

16       Christmas Buffet at Newton

23       No Meeting     

30       No Meeting

January 2015

06       “Grenada Assignment”  Photo Assignment 2

13       Results 2nd A Competitions Judge – Angy Ellis

20      Results 2nd O Competitions Judge – Mavis McCormick LRPS

27       “A Year in the Life of Two Photographers” Graham Dixon & Adrian Christer (PDI)

February 2015

03       “Assignments 3 Newastle and Beamish” (P)

10      “Near & Far” (P) John Chamberlin FRPS MFIAP (Lecture Tour)       
Closing Date 3rd O Comp

17       “Alternative Photography” David Hall ARPS EFIAP DPAGB (P)

24       “Works” Neil Maughan ARPS (PDI)   
Closing Date 3rd A Comp

South Tyne Area Print Interclub Competition – 26th February 2015, Host - Gateshead CC. Judge - Jim Welsh

March 2015

03      Results 3rd Open Competitions Judge –            Keith Robertson ARPS AFIAP

10    “Out of a Print Box” Bob Turner ARPS EFIAP (P) 
Closing Date for Print Of The Year

17       Results 3rd A Competitions Judge – Pax Garabedian EFIAP PPSA DPAGB

24      “Cultivating Ideas” Marjorie Baillie LRPS & Henry Swaddle (P)

31       “A Monochrome World” (P)    Phil-Bob-Keith-Danny & Leo

April 2015

07       Results of POY Competitions Judge – John Williams MPSA EFIAP DPAGB

14       “Abstract Photography” (P) Christine G-Christine S-Mavis-Mags H and Carol

21       AGM & Presentation Evening

 (P – Prints) (PDI - Projected Digital Image)