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Hexham & District Photographic Society

Newsletter February 2014 Issue 72


Our next assignment will be on 19th July and we have been invited to photograph at the Newcastle Pride event. Margaret Hogarth will lead this assignment and details will be made available nearer the time.

RPS Travel Day

The RPS have organized a “What is Travel” day at the Torch Centre on Sunday, 4th May 2014 to help people understand what makes travel images and also help those interested in the RPS Travel distinctions. The day begins at 10-30 and should finish about 16-30. It will include a talk illustrating the “what is travel”. Successful ARPS panels will be shown and also prospective panels will be given feedback Cost for spectators £10 for members, £15 for non-members and includes refreshments and a buffet lunch.

If you are interested then please contact Bob Gates on 07976 655804 or bob@robertgates.eu

MEMBER PROFILE - Adrian Christer

In Adrian’s words “I’ll start like everyone else always does by saying I have been taking snaps since I was a lad when I saved up my pocket money for a basic 35mm camera of dubious quality and somehow knocked together a makeshift darkroom – mucking about with chemicals in the dark was exciting and often downright dangerous.

1970, at my first proper job I discovered a purpose built darkroom that nobody wantedresult. However with marriage came a job change with a move to a small terraced house with no space for a darkroom – or – us so I lapsed into taking holiday snaps and posting them to Bonusprint. I eagerly awaited the prints - and they were usually depressingly dire.

Fast forward 30+ years and I packed in work as a bad idea and am cluttering up the house. In a flash of genius Mary bought me a Canon 400D for Christmas and signed me up for a photo course. She hoped this would get me out the house and so it did.

I have always been afflicted by restless feet, the need to see around the corner, over the next hill and realized that my camera was an excellent way of recording my wanderings. Suddenly, with retirement I had more time so my travels became more frequent, longer and further afield and now that I could take an infinite number of snaps I soon had an impressively daunting collection of thousands from all over the world.

I joined the club in 2009 and being inspired by the excellent work of members, I had a go at “proper” photography. I tried all that computer jiggery pokery and soon learned that it is not as easy as it looks and so do little Photoshopping, not because I am a diehard purist it’s just that I don’t understand all this smoke and mirrors stuff and often have ill-tempered battles with my computer. Oh, and I don’t do people(too unpredictable), wildlife(too dangerous), sport(too energetic), weddings(too scary),macro(too tiny), children(too noisy), which only leaves places both natural and man-made - you sort of know where you are with things that don’t move around, answer back, run away or bite.

adrian                      explore

     Adrian                                                                 Never Stop Exploring 

So I continue to wander round aimlessly, camera at the ready to record where I’ve been and what I’ve seen in the hope that the memories stored on the hard drives will outlast those in my head.


I suppose it’s always best to start at the beginning, which for me was in 1960 when my chemistry teacher, who was an FRPS, started a school photographic club. We soon had a fully equipped professional darkroom – money must have been easier to come by in those days! When developing and printing, we were given a running commentary on the chemical processes taking place, a subtle way of giving us all extra chemistry lessons! Soon after starting work I joined the RPS and achieved my Licentiateship in 1972. My work, initially with Boots, took me from my home in Yorkshire to Darlington, Stockton, Sunderland, Milton Keynes, Harrow, Rochdale and finally Bradford. I joined the local camera club in all these towns and have learnt a great deal from just looking at other members’ work. During my time in Darlington, I did some photographic work at the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle which formed the basis of my successful RPS Associateship in the Professional & Applied category. That was way back in 1980 so I’ve been somewhat lazy in my pursuit of the Fellowship.

bob BOB

I enjoy looking at all types of photography but prefer to see sets of images rather than single masterpieces. I have become increasingly drawn towards a project approach to my own photography. From 1994 to 2009 I was the RPS Regional Organizer for Yorkshire and have been a Trustee of the Society since 2010. I am now Chair of the Exhibitions Committee and one of the Chairs of the Licentiateship Panel. I had known Leo and Carol from their visits to the Media Museum in Bradford for Advisory Days. As soon as they heard I was retiring to Hexham, they encouraged me to join the Hexham PS – I’m really pleased they did! Making Samosas Abandoned hospital series

     samosas                      hospital

                             Samosas                                                              Abandoned Hospital Series           

Now that you have seen the format of the profile maybe you will also volunteer with a personal profile. It should be about 250 words, accompanied by an image of yourself and 2 of your own images. Image size should be 600 pixels on the longest side, resolution 150ppi and saved as jpeg quality 8.

Audio Visual Evening / 3 Prints on a Theme

Thank you to those members who have already volunteered for AV and 3 prints. We now have sufficient AVs but still need more volunteers for the prints. Please let me know if you can volunteer.


Do you want to put some of your images onto the Gallery? Then contact Bob who will give you the dimensions required.


Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered for the sitting Rota during the exhibition. There are still some gaps so if you can help then speak to Leo.

NCPF Annual Competitions

The NCPF Annual Competitions will be judged in April 2014 so if you do intend to enter this year then please read the information about the competition via the following link. All entries need to be with Mavis by no later than 18th March 2014.


 Don’t forget to access the following website to get the current news in the Northern Counties photographic scene. There is a constant update of all news for the Northern region as well as news from the PAGB.