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Newsletter July 2014 Issue 74


Cordoba 2015

There has been an excellent response to this assignment and we have reached the maximum number so the list is now closed.

Digital Annual Exhibition

Thank you to those members who sent digital images to Bob for our Digital Annual Exhibition. The exhibition can now be viewed on the website.

The link is:


Thanks to Bob for the work in putting it together this exhibition.


We have 2 profiles this month and my thanks to Mavis McCormick & George Proud. I think we all know Mavis who is the Competition Secretary and Vice President. George will probably not be known to many of you as he joined the society at the beginning of 2014 and I am delighted that he has prepared a profile. Hopefully this will encourage some of our newer members to follow suit.

Mavis McCormick LRPS

mavis Mavis       haircut The New Haircut


Looking back my earliest memory of holding a camera was when on holiday with my parents in the South of England. We visited Wells Cathedral and I took a shot with our box brownie. I remember the sun light clipped one of the windows and added that little extra to the image! I still have that picture.

Over the years I have had quite a few cameras, one a Polaroid which I really enjoyed because of the instant pictures. I am told they are becoming fashionable again as my son Nick is hoping to buy one for the guests to take pictures of each other at his wedding in September. It was when Nick was a young boy that I visited Hexham Photography Exhibition and saw the amazing pictures produced by the members. I was intrigued and went along to one of the meetings. I then realised my husband Alan would enjoy it too. We decided to buy our first SLR cameras. We both really enjoyed taking slides but we did have a small darkroom where we had to put wood over the windows to work in it. I loved the ‘magic’ when a picture began to emerge in the developer. However slides were my main love and I have many boxes of them from holidays in India, Thailand and Greece etc. that sadly never see the light of day now.

In about 1996 Alan went away to work during the week and sadly my camera days lapsed. Then in 2005 he retired and we returned to the Society to the exciting news that now it was the fashion to have digital cameras and so a whole new world opened for me. I love computers and it was exciting to download images and then learn how they could be improved. Every time I was shown a new technique I could not believe my eyes. Gradually I began to improve and Leo suggested I try for a licentiateship with the Royal Photographic Society which I did. When I went to the assessment day I had a real ‘hold your breath’ moment with my heart beating 50 to the dozen. It was a wonderful feeling to get my LRPS. Since then I have enjoyed experimenting with my images a lot more, there is something different to learn every day. I do not enter many salons due to the expense but I recently did enter the Northern Counties Annual competition and one of my images was chosen to represent Northern Counties in the Inter-Federation competitions organised by the PAGB known generally as the Alliance competitions......just a small step I know but a giant leap for me. urs.

George Proud  

  george George

grass                      rattle

Scurvey Grass                                            Yellow rattle

I am one of those new members who do not yet know many members. I was brought up in Durham City and, after University days, I migrated to Newcastle as junior doctor and then a consultant surgeon at the RVI. We moved to Riding Mill 14 years ago and now am an ordained Anglican priest.

I have, since childhood, had an interest in photography and a retirement project was to have been to resume film processing as I had done. However, I embraced the digital era instead and am still learning, usually by trial and error, the many delights and tribulations of Light room and Photoshop.

I am a member of Riding Mill Photographic Society as well as having joined Hexham a few months ago after encouragement from Stuart, my son, who has been a member for a little longer. Although I will photograph anything, my main photographic interests are in outdoor photography, particularly photographing wild flowers. There is a great beauty in flowers even if some of the plants are quite mundane. The two pictures are yellow rattle and scurvy grass (English).

I am shortly publishing a book on flower photography, and accompanying the pictures is a description of the various names that have been given to flowers, as well as their folk-lore, mythology and the medical uses attributed to them. The research for this makes me relieved that I live in a modern era! My present camera is a Canon 5D Mark2 and the lens I use most is the Sigma 180mm fixed focal length macro lens – a lovely piece of kit.

I need more volunteers please so if you could send me your profile along with an image
of yourself and 2 other images of your choice.

 It should be about 250 words, accompanied by an image of yourself and 2 of your own images. Image size should be 600 pixels on the longest side, resolution 150ppi and saved as jpeg quality 8.It should be about 250 words, accompanied by an image of yourself and 2 of your own images. Image size should be 600 pixels on the longest side, resolution 150ppi and saved as jpeg quality 8.

Audio Visual Evening / 3 Prints on a Theme

Thank you to those members who have already volunteered for AV and 3 prints. We now have sufficient volunteers for both evenings. Would the volunteers please get their 3 prints to Mavis by 2nd September and remember to include a few sentences about the theme of the prints and AV’s should be handed to Bob also by 2nd September.


Do you want to put some of your images onto the Gallery? Then contact Bob who will give you the dimensions required.