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Hexham & District Photographic Society

Newsletter June 2014 Issue 73


We have two assignments arranged for June & July. The first is being led by Christine Giles and is:

"Tynemouth" It has been decided to cancel the assignment to Newcastle Hoppings on 24th June and we have now arranged another assignment for the same day, 24th June at Tynemouth where we will meet at 10-30am in the car park on the cliffs at Tynemouth Haven. There will be the obvious options of: beach, possibly surfers, Priory, boating lake, village, pier, etc.   

Why not come along and meet up with other members for a good day out.   Christine Giles will be the leader and please let her know if you are going by emailing her at: christine.giles@live.co.uk  

 Northern Pride 2014 which Margaret Hogarth will lead and this takes place on Saturday, 19th July in Newcastle. Margaret will let me have firm instructions within the next few days and we will probably meet her on the Town Moor. However there is a parade from the Civic Centre that you may wish to see before we meet. I will send you the details within the next few days.

You can check out the events during the 3 day of the festival on the following website: http://www.northern-pride.com/event/mainevent

Annual Exhibition

As you know we are unable to hold our Annual Exhibition in the Gallery this year. However Bob Turner has suggested that we have our usual Audio Visual (AV) exhibition on the club’s website. We would like all members to get involved by sending digital files to Bob who will then create an AV.

Please send 8 of your images via email to Bob Turner on hexhamps@btinternet.com by 29th June.

Files to be 1024 pixels on the longest side for landscape format and 768 pixels on the longest side for portrait format and 72dpi resolution.

All files to be saved in jpg format at a quality setting of 10.



I was born in Consett and took up a camera at the age of 12. In those early days it was family snaps, the dog and a few landscapes, all in colour print. My first foray into “proper” photographs was when I was 19 and a colleague at work introduced me to monochrome film and offered to show me his darkroom (you’d never get away with that now!).

Once I had experienced the thrill of seeing my pictures appear from nothing in the developer I was hooked. Over the years I tried home Colour processing as well as Monochrome and eventually was able to build a dedicated darkroom for developing and printing. I always had an interest in technology and when digital cameras started to appear I took the plunge with Photoshop and a Fuji 1.5 Megapixel Camera. Eventually I gave up the chemical processing as high quality printers and papers came along and, with some regret, I dismantled the darkroom.

I have been in photographic clubs for many years starting with Consett then moving to Durham and York and finally settling in Hexham joining Hexham PS in 1985.

My favourite subjects are people although I will try anything that takes my eye. I enjoy working on themes as this gives me an incentive to take pictures and I also enter international competitions via the internet. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and have achieved the honours of ARPS with a local travel panel on the Sage Gateshead. I have also achieved EFIAP honours from successful entries in International competitions and am now working towards PSA honours.

    promenade                   david   


I need more volunteers please so if you could send me your profile along with an image
of yourself and 2 other images of your choice.
Some of you may have done a profile a number of years ago when I first started the
newsletter but why not do another as we have lots of new members who will not have
seen them.

 It should be about 250 words, accompanied by an image of yourself and 2 of your own images. Image size should be 600 pixels on the longest side, resolution 150ppi and saved as jpeg quality 8.It should be about 250 words, accompanied by an image of yourself and 2 of your own images. Image size should be 600 pixels on the longest side, resolution 150ppi and saved as jpeg quality 8.

Audio Visual Evening / 3 Prints on a Theme

Thank you to those members who have already volunteered for AV and 3 prints. We now have sufficient volunteers for both evenings. Would the volunteers please get their 3 prints to Mavis by 2nd September and remember to include a few sentences about the theme of the prints and AV’s should be handed to Bob also by 2nd September.


Do you want to put some of your images onto the Gallery? Then contact Bob who will give you the dimensions required.